Magic Trance presents new tune from young talented Artur, he created an awesome tune called 'Aura'. We have a tight banging drums, deep bass line, atmospheric pads. Breakdown light and soft goes to smoothly to the main moment. The culmination of bright and energetic, epic main melody. In this release we have great remixes from Akku and Beat Anatomy. Each of these tunes perfect for any dance floor.

This is Magic Trance!

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Available on other stores: 14.07.2014

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Already played:
DJ Feel - TranceMission (16-06-2014)
Manuel Le Saux - Extrema 362
Manuel Le Saux - Top Twenty Tunes 510
Ronny K. - Trance4nations 068
Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 071
Ahmed Romel - Orchestrance 082
Chapter XJ - Arising Tales 32
Joe Cormack - Trance Stage 116
Tony Sty - Uplifts 073
TrancEye - Pure Energy Sessions 036
tranzLift - Beyond The Stars 014

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