Today is double release day and we have two amazing releases from Amitacek and Rob Corbo. Full details on both below:

DR067 Amitacek - Burn

Original Mix
Mark Dean Remix
Rymania Remix

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Worldwide release - 14th July 2014

You can hear samples of the full release on the Soundcloud link below:

DR068 Rob Corbo - The Battlefield EP

Flying Machine
The Aftermath

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Worldwide release - 14th July 2014

You can hear samples of the full release on the Soundcloud link below:

Both releases have seen massive support from the likes of Talla 2XLC, Standerwick, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Manuel Le Saux, Touchstone, Steve Morley, tranzLift, Estigma, Vlind, Les Hemstock, Robbie Van Döe , Davey Asprey, Dave Gormas, Garry Noon, Lazarus, Physical Phase, Nymark & Dryden, Gareth Jones, Barry Duffy, Above The Clouds, Ollie Jaye, Dean Thomas, Chris Cockerill, Lost Witness, Astuni, Philip Estevez , Kinetica, Chaim Mankoff, Kaeno, Mike Rodas, Pete UniQue, Gordon Coutts, Dave Wright, Paul Pearson, Laura May, El Jay, Peter Hulsmans, Haig & Raffi, Pusher, Aizen, Nick The Kid, Karybde And Scylla, Chapter XJ, Graham Gold, Santi Project, Merc, Rhys Thomas, Leon Byk, Kumara van der Gaast, Neil Redden, Katy Rutkovski, Scott Lowe, Dave Horne, David McRae, Suzy Solar, AM2.0, Noonix, Jessica B, Magdelayna, Kevin Crowley, Dave Deen, Victor Prada, Ozzy XPM, Zirens, Martin Morgan, Matt Harrison, Mark Winstanley, Andy Cain, Natalie Parker, Angel Ace, Julio Chávez, Rya, Rob Corbo, Joe Cormack, North Pole, Curtis & Craig, Zutt Muziker, Bryan Summerville, Amitacek, Justin Grimes, Tom Yelland, Vicky Wood and Cliffy Burrows.

Release write ups:

DR067 Amitacek - Burn

Original Mix:

Amitacek Burn is a hard hitting, floor shaking masterpiece that also manages to make your senses tingle like no other.

From the first beat you know this is going to be good, the kick hits hard, the bass has grit but the track has a lot more to off than just kick and bass, the lead, arp and fx are all used perfectly to give the track direction and complement each other to create an all round sound that's underground and futuristic.

This track is quiet industrial sounding in parts but also keeps the happy vibe with a melody that will stick in your head for days!

The main breakdown gives as good as it gets, the airy vocal and arpeggio go well together and create breathing space for the drop.

Another well produced track that will keep you dancing till the early hours and wanting more.

Mark Dean Remix:

Mark Dean’s remix of Amitacek's Burn is an awe inspiring tune of the highest quality, no matter what genre of trance you love this has it all!

For tech fans it has enough groove and bass driving it forward that can get any dance floor rocking; but not too powerful that it over shadows the sheer beauty of the track.

The emotional breakdown consists of a simple melody and breakbeat drums coupled with lush pads and fx creates a sense of togetherness, that makes you want to close your eye and put your hands in the air!

A simple but affective remix that shows you don't need to be over the top to make a hit, from the start to finish this track is well produced and flows perfectly.

Rymania Remix:

Rymania has taken the original and created a totally new track but still keeps the identity of the original which is no easy task!

With subtle stutter fx, huge atmospheric sounds and melodic bassline, this is in a class of it's own, more for the progressive and uplifting trance fans.

The long breakdown takes you on a journey, it's huge pads, addictive arpeggio and simple melody all blend together to make this uplifting trancer a favourite with any trance fan.

A clever remix that had it's own feel to it, if this remix is anything to go by Rymania is definitely one to watch in the future!

DR068 Rob Corbo - The Battlefield EP

Battlefield (Original Mix):

Rob Corbo's Battlefield is a monster of a track, trance at it's best!

The name battlefield explains the track in more ways than you would expect, not only is this track hard as nails it also lifts you up to a new high, the combination of tech and uplifting trance seamlessly entwines creating a feeling of hope that after the battle you will see the light at the other side.

Tight production, rolling basslines, plenty of acid and arpeggios to keep the energy on the dancefloor, Battlefield is one if the best tracks we have heard.

The breakdown is epic, with soft pads and a delayed melody that morphs into a big room sound that lifts you up into another world, which then continues to build you up and take you on a journey with a drop that keeps the melody and the energy. A true power house that will be a peak time track for many DJ sets but also strong enough to finish on.

Flying Machine (Original Mix):

Rob Corbo's Flying Machine is another trance stormer, the follow on from Battlefield is an acid filled orgy of hard and dirty basslines, vocal stutters, atmospheric pads with searing lead lines, evolving melodies and more, it's hard to describe this track as there is so much going on but it's still doesn't sound cluttered or over the top.

Flying machine will remind you of the good old days with a similar feeling of the old school trance but with a future proof edge.

This track grows and grows the more you listen to it, a very complex but well made track that stands out from the crowd.

The Aftermath (Original Mix):

Rob Corbo's The Aftermath is more uplifting than Battlefield or Flying Machine but still keeps the tough trance sound, Aftermath is the final track of the EP and you can hear the thought that's gone into this, each track follows on perfectly from the other, an intelligent track from an intelligent producer.

Aftermath starts with a gentle riff, and deep bassline, which then progresses with Rob’s trademark "acid" style sound, side chained pads and fx until the breakdown.

The breakdown in the aftermath can only be described as euphoric, although you don't want this moment to end the tension and suspense that builds and builds keeps you on your toes waiting for the drop.

This track can be played in any club in any country at any time and will get the same reaction... Pure satisfaction, a well made track with a lot of thought put into it by one of the rising stars in the trance scene.