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Thread: Does Trance have the best crowd?

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    Does Trance have the best crowd?

    Hi everyone! I'm conducting some research for an article I'm writing on music genres and who has the best crowd, and I would love your input! Tell me, why do you think Trance has the best crowd? Serious responses only please, I'm just trying to gather overall thoughts. Thanks


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    hello and welcome on forum

    i think every music genre have their own fans, can't tell you anything about other genres and their fans but here you have for trance → i attending many trance parties and i feel very good at every place, not just because i hear my favorite music, but i meet there with lot of good faces, with some of them i already became a good friends and we are always happy when we see each other again at the next party
    trance djs/producers are also very kind and friendly, you can talk with them and drink something
    maybe trance have the least amount of fans compared to rock,pop,etc. we are like a small family so YES trance have the best crowd!

    just to let you know these parties where i was so far were all in the netherlands, but met and talk there with good peoples also from belgium, germany, united kingdom, sweden, italy, poland, hungary, slovakia and even from the another side of the earth -australia

    one not so positive fact is that the parties don't attending so much girls...

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    @ForTheLoveOfTrance: first you should define what the "best" crowd means. Is it:

    • the most well-behaved, less violent?
    • the kind of public which is willing to travel more, and pay highest ticket prices?
    • the crowd using less drugs?
    • the one with most handsome boys and and good-looking girls?

    Ok I am joking here but indeed there are many different arguments and viewpoints to answer your question.
    I am going to give you both an objective and a subjective answer.

    A few years ago, I was talking with the director of a Dutch magazine (which organized a Trance beach party): he cited, among the many reasons why he chose trance with respect to other music styles:

    • people are always smiling and happy, which results in in much nicer pictures for the magazine
    • there is much less risk of violence than wit other harder music styles (I guess having another magazine reporting the news of a fight during the competitor's party would be a disaster )
    • the age range of the public is widest, therefore pictures appeal to the maximum amount of readers

    So indeed it seems that this guy really spent some reasoning to decide what is the best party crowd for him, and he objectively concluded that the trance scene is the best

    Why is trance the best crowd for ME? I would give the same answers as Cica, putting the accent on the "concept" of Trance Family: indeed I can see people from all over he world when I go to a party, and I will meet many of these same people when I do partying abroad: wherever I go I am never alone, there are always known and loving faces near to me. And indeed DJs and producers are part of this same family, they do not act as "superstars".

    This said: while writing this post, I read, on another forum, about a guy who went to a trance party for the first time, and he said that the only one who ever tried to get contact with him, did it to ask him to take a picture for him. I said to myself: how is this possible? I was at the same party, and I had the impression I was hugged by 97% of all the people who were there. Was this guy not only in my 3%, but also in the 3% of everyone else? I could maybe understand it if he didn't like the music and sat bored in a corner all the time, but instead it seems that he did appreciate some sets. It also appears that this guy has no problems in relating with other people in the context of parties with different (harder) music.

    I would then conclude that everyone has his own best crowd! And, of course, if you ask on this forum, everyone will say that trance is the best

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