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Thread: Biologik - Dreamcatcher [SILKA012]

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    Biologik - Dreamcatcher [SILKA012]

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    Responsible for numerous progressive contributions on our Silk Textures division, Canadian artist Biologik is not a newcomer to the Silk label family. On Silk Sofa, we are proud to present his brand new artist album, "Dreamcatcher", which is a collection of 12 downtempo and experimental tracks.

    The album opener, "Winter", kicks off with a haunting, deep atmosphere, consisting of strong percussion elements and intermittent vocal stems. Later, an intriguing synth line brightens up the soundscape. "Velvet" starts out with smooth pad layers, and a combination of captivating melody lines and complex percussion structures brilliantly carries the song to its conclusion. In "Sublimate" we witness well-structured percussion lines, subtle arpeggio melodies, and light string layers in the background. A unique combination of prominent bassline notes and intriguing percussion elements is introduced in "Stars", which also includes a vast array of perfectly harmonized melodic elements. The fifth song is the just recently released "Rainfall", which includes a stunning combination of hard-hitting beat elements and lush, light melody layers. "Hibiscus" is another example of Biologik's great talent for crafting poignant atmospheres, this time with the addition of a notable bassline rhythm. A quite hypnotizing grooves established in "Free Your Heart"; the prominent hihats and underlying floating melodies unite remarkably well. "Feedback Loop" includes mesmerizing pad lines in the background, while a number of well-structured percussion elements provide an unmistakably memorable rhythm. In "Eclipse" we witness a haunting vocal stem, as well as a vast array of tranquil background melodies and subtle sound effects. A captivating soundscape is introduced in "Dreamless Sleep", beautifully accompanied by numerous refreshing percussion stems. "Building Snowmen" consists of a sweeping bassline synth, subtle piano melodies, a lush groove, as well as a truly captivating arpeggio theme line. The final track, "Breaking Mirrors", perfectly represents the album as a whole: intriguing melodies, well-structured and inspiring percussion lines, and hypnotic sound effects, all of which unite in a truly captivating context.

    Cat#: SILKA012
    Beatport & iTunes release date: July 3rd, 2014
    Genre: idm, downtempo, broken beat, chillstep
    Format: digital, CD
    Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

    Album Tracklist:
    01 Biologik - Winter
    02 Biologik - Velvet
    03 Biologik - Sublimate
    04 Biologik - Stars
    05 Biologik - Rainfall
    06 Biologik - Hibiscus
    07 Biologik - Free Your Heart
    08 Biologik - Feedback Loop
    09 Biologik - Eclipse
    10 Biologik - Dreamless Sleep
    11 Biologik - Building Snowmen
    12 Biologik - Breaking Mirrors

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