Label: Cinesphere Records
Code: CIN003
Release Date: 07.07.2014

01. I Adore You (Original Mix)

Cinesphere Records proudly presents "Jaki Song - I Adore You", a song collaborated with her great live band "SONG".

Born in Seoul Korea, raised in the U.S.A., in the surroundings of musical family, music is sewn into the seed of Jaki?'s soul. Jaki has unique qualities, her experience as a professional entertainer / singer / songwriter began in LA, California and Las Vegas. She toured various parts of the U.S.A. and solidly booked years as a lead vocalist touring Canada with "A" level circuit bands.

Jaki and her previous band ORCHID/SONG was chosen for the top twelve finalist in CHOM FM's Esprit'97 competition. Her single "PERFECT" was featured on the Espirit'97 album, which was released on Universal Records. ORCHID was crowned winner of the Molson Rock Talent Search Contes?t, a battle of the band in 1998. ORCHID/SONG opened shows for artists such as BRAN VAN 3000 and PRODIGY.

In the past Fifteen years Jaki has concentrated her time and effort on developing her creative talents. Her investment has paid off. Now she boasts a repertoire of stimulating original songs that are the essence of who she is. Jaki is proud to announce her new and exciting stage of her musical journey, venturing off far and World wide collaborating with many professional creative talented artists.

"I Adore You"
Written by: Jaki Song
Produced by: The Band "SONG"

Vocals: Jaki Song
Guitar: Rad Crasto
Bass: Patch
Contra Bass: J.F. Bedard
Keyboards, Drums & Programming : Devil07

Recorded: Attic studio
Mixed: Le Studio Morin Heights

"Instrumentation is paramount when it comes to expression, much like having the right sized paint brush."

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