This is our third release here on Bag Full Of Dreams and it's a track called 'Hypno Groove' from one of our label artists, Checkor.After the huge success of his first release on Bag Full Of Dreams "Reminisce", Checkor returns back with a monstrous track capable of bringing down a club.

"Hypno Groove" couldn't be anything else different than it's own name.A fresh hypnotic groove that could make some serious damage on the dance floor.Soft melodic padish sounds are tied up nicely into the groove with those enormous subs working effectively in a nice sound system.

But who could describe better "Hypno Groove" than the man who created it?We had a small chat with Checkor telling us a few word about the making of.

"It started with this weird idea of using two kicks playing at the same time but in different spaces on the frequency spectrum...Those two kicks both move back & forth in different ways to create a groove working, or at least I think that it really worked.Then tried to set the other elements of the track around this groove, keeping it weird and experimental"

Weird and experimental must be some of the elements that got the attention of guys like: Extrawelt, Nick Warren, M.A.N.D.Y, Nick Varon, Mikele.

Selected feedback:

Nick Warren: "A cracker thanks very much "

Extrawelt: "Nice one, thanks! Good luck for the release."

Nick Varon: "Very nice track, congrats."

We also hope that you will enjoy our third release.

Checkor - Hypno Groove (Original Mix) OUT NOW

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