Today is double release day and we have two amazing releases from UDM and Tasso feat. Eliza Doe. Full details on both below:

DR069 UDM - Entrance To Eternity

Original Mix
O.B.M Notion Remix
Kinetica Remix

Beatport exclusive - OUT NOW Click link below to purchase:

Worldwide release - 11th August 2014

You can hear samples of the full release on the Soundcloud link below:

DR070 Tasso feat. Eliza Doe - Crystal Clear

Original Mix
Dub Mix
Ally Brown Vocal Remix
Ally Brown Dub Remix
Casey Rasch & John Merki Remix

Beatport exclusive - OUT NOW Click link below to purchase:

Worldwide exclusive - 11th August 2014

You can hear samples of the full release on the Soundcloud link below:

Both releases have seen massive support from the likes of Aly & Fila, Standerwick, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Manuel Le Saux, Touchstone, Steve Morley, tranzLift, Estigma, Vlind, Les Hemstock, Robbie Van Döe , Davey Asprey, Dave Gormas, Garry Noon, Lazarus, Physical Phase, Nymark & Dryden, Gareth Jones, Barry Duffy, Above The Clouds, Ollie Jaye, Dean Thomas, Chris Cockerill, Lost Witness, Astuni, Philip Estevez , Kinetica, Chaim Mankoff, Kaeno, Mike Rodas, Pete UniQue, Gordon Coutts, Dave Wright, Paul Pearson, Laura May, El Jay, Peter Hulsmans, Haig & Raffi, Pusher, Aizen, Nick The Kid, Karybde And Scylla, Chapter XJ, Graham Gold, Santi Project, Merc, Rhys Thomas, Leon Byk, Kumara van der Gaast, Neil Redden, Katy Rutkovski, Scott Lowe, Dave Horne, David McRae, Suzy Solar, AM2.0, Noonix, Jessica B, Magdelayna, Kevin Crowley, Dave Deen, Victor Prada, Ozzy XPM, Zirens, Martin Morgan, Matt Harrison, Mark Winstanley, Andy Cain, Natalie Parker, Angel Ace, Julio Chávez, Rya, Rob Corbo, Joe Cormack, North Pole, Curtis & Craig, Zutt Muziker, Bryan Summerville, Amitacek, Justin Grimes, Tom Yelland, Vicky Wood and Cliffy Burrows.

Write ups:

UDm - Entrance To Eternity

Original Mix:

With a strong beat and atmospheric build this track drives along building the tension as it goes in a way that’s sure to get crowds and DJ’s sucked in from the start. Dropping into breakdown of epic proportions this track is sure to give listeners a massive hands in the air moment before the main build lifts them up another level of euphoria. As the beat drops any trance lover will find it hard not to bounce there head or tap their feet to this track. Another gem from Digitzied that’s sure to rock clubs everywhere.

O. B.M Notion Remix:

Completing another huge release on Digitized comes the O.B.M Notion remix. This pumping remix has pounding kicks and a n acidy mid bass to drive it along from the off. Filtered pluck gradually raises the temperature, before dreamy pads build the atmosphere. A neat piano lifts the track and gives it the melodic element to take it through to the break. At the break huge orchestral pads blend perfectly with plucks to create the hands up moment clubber love in trance. The main hook filters in taking the track to new heights before the beat drops with the pounding bass coming back, in a track sure to get trance heads bouncing and dance floors rocking.

Kinetica Remix:

With a lot to live up to from the original Kinetica’s remix certainly does that. Going for the tougher darker sound this remix has elements of tech trance right from the off, mixed with lovely arps to build the atmosphere to the break giving it a more uplifting feel than the original atmospheric build. Dropping into a lovely warm break that gives that feeling of serenity that only trance does drive comes from a breakbeat and piano hook, until the main lead builds to a drop of huge proportions. After the drop the arps take over and deliver a superb uplifting trancer that guaranteed to hit the spot anywhere in your set.

Tasso feat. Eliza Doe - Crystal Clear:

Original Mix:

This energetic original is pounding right from the off. Driving bass and acids build the track as the vocals filter in with pads to build it. Subtle acids give it a tech feel as it pounds along so there’s enough to keep non vocal trance lovers happy as well. The break brings in the great voice of Eliza creating one of those huge vocal trance moments of bliss. Dropping into the main lead the track gets bigger and bigger as it builds. The drop brings the pounding beat back with huge chords to complete this high energy builder, perfect for peak set times.

Ally Brown:

First up on the remix is Digitized regular Ally Brown, fresh from his latest track on Armin Van Buurens label WAO 138. With that distinct Ally Brown sound, this tech uplifter creates great atmosphere and brings the vocals in earlier before the break. Pads and arps build the track up to the drop before taking it down to a warm breakdown where the vocal comes into its own. Using the atmosphere of the vocal to bring the beat back the track builds to second drop in the space of a minute in this cleverly structured remix. Vocals give the track that lift that is sure to get those hands in the air wherever the track is played. A great remix, with a different take on a great original.

Casey Rasch & John Merki:

The final remix on this release comes from Casey Rasch and John Merki. Bringing the vocals in early this remix provides an instantly recognisable rework. Well constructed beats and the ever present acid arps drive the track long to the break. Bringing the vocals in with an accompanying piano gives this remix a big room trance feel. As it builds to the main lead the lighter style of lead to the other versions gives this remix a more mellow feeling, but equally as uplifting. Bright synths and warm pads compliment the vocal perfectly and make this another remix of epic proportions.