Magic Trance presents new tune 'Girl On The Beach' from Beatsole. This is an extraordinarily beautiful and light track, banging drums, powerful bass line and brilliant melodies without doubt make you imagine golden beach. But somehow we come to the most interesting point, which is the breakdown. Sonorous guitar strings upwelling, soft electric guitar, drums and atmospheric pads. It was at this point we see a lonely girl on the beach. But things are not as bad as it seems at first glance, the culmination of his energy and dynamics puts everything in its place and finally we realize that this girl is happy, outgoing sun, warm breeze, soft water, hot sand warm her and inspire on positive emotions. This tune is suitable for any dance floor. This is Magic Trance!

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Available on other stores: 18.08.2014

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Joe Cormack - Trance Stage 122

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