Time has come to release the second part of a successful release titled Love Again by our legendary resident artist Lost Witness with non-less legendary Tiff Lacey on vocals. We have hand-picked the most worthy remix productions for this part of the Love Again single including Kris Maydak, Orbion, Zetandel remixes and a special mix by legendary Sassot.

Every producer made a good effort to give it own sound which may be somewhere explosive, pretty hot but always euphonious with charming Tiff Lacey vocals. Kris Maydak once again shows that he is one of the greatest talents on the trance scene at the moment by delivering a breathtaking and warm mix.

Another CFR resident artist Orbion has managed to produce two mixes at once, progressive will be great for clubs and uplifting for large open air gigs. This guys seem to know what he is doing. Zetandel is an Ukrainian chill out talent. In his mix he used live instruments and even more brightened Tiff Lacey's vocals, which altogether sound as a well done job. And the last one is a classic trance remix produced by a legend Sassot.

Actually it was created almost 10 years ago but only now it is revealed for you!


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Exclusive on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/love-again-pt-2/1352020