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Various Artists - Various Artists - Sunmelt Vol. 1 [FZR036]

Release Date:
Beatport: August 25th, 2014
iTunes: August 25th, 2014


1 Static Bloom - Symphonia (Original Mix)

2 Nicolas Agudelo & Gux Jimenez - Once Again (Original Mix)

3 Mark & Lukas - Rainbow Around The World (Original Mix)

4 DJ Geri – Strings (Original Mix)

5 Melih Kor – Leaves (Original Mix)

6 Bee Hunter – Ionized (Original Mix)

7 DJ Massymo Tn – Far Away (Original Mix)

8 EmLab – River Valley (Original Mix)

9 Furkan Senol – Loving Memories (Original Mix)


Fuzzy Recordings’ summer compilation “Sun Drenched Memories Vol. 1” captures the essence of summer with a bunch of feel good tunes from a few established Fuzzy artists you’ve already learned to love along with some talented newcomers. This 9 track release is guaranteed to put you in that blissful summer mood and make you forget all your worries for a while.

Static Bloom - Symphonia (Original Mix)

The compilation starts from the deep end with “Symphonia” by Static Bloom, a track that has that certain summer night vibe to it. The heavily delayed plucks and the guitar towards the end create a lovely atmosphere that is completed with the subtle piano melodies scattered here and there.

Nicolas Agudelo & Gux Jimenez - Once Again (Original Mix)

“Once Again” takes it up just a notch while staying strongly on the groovier side of things. The electric guitar in this tune really makes it stand out, with the rest of the track supporting it perfectly. The breakbeat in the middle also adds a nice touch.

Mark & Lukas - Rainbow Around The World (Original Mix)

“Rainbow Around The World” is one of those tunes that should be next to the dictionary definition of happiness. A true feel good progressive track with a plucky chord progression that will force a smile on your face even on the rainiest of days. After all, without some rain there could not be a rainbow.

DJ Geri - Strings (Original Mix)

“Strings” is more of an easy going progressive tune that treats you with its beautiful piano melodies, lovely plucks and of course some lush strings. The chord progression in this track is constructed in a way that leaves you in anticipation, which makes this a great track to play somewhere in the middle of your set, resolving it with the next tune.

Melih Kor - Leaves (Original Mix)

“Leaves” is a track with big emotions. This tune takes you on a journey that is full of longing and bittersweetness, with a glimmer of hope remaining. The melody of it touches the heart and will most likely leave nobody cold. The piano along with the sounds of rain in the break gives it a true feeling of sadness with the plucky lead building it up into embracing the feeling before eventually fading into acceptance.

Bee Hunter - Ionized (Original Mix)

Bee Hunter wipes away the tears you might have gotten in your eye from the previous track with his track “Ionized”. His careful attention to detail in designing each sound to fit his chosen theme make this a very enjoyable listening experience. The chord pluck is the driving force in this track but it leaves just enough room for all the occasional small pieces of melody in order to make this a great tune.

DJ Massymo Tn - Far Away (Original Mix)

DJ Massymo Tn truly takes you far away with this track that’s driving and uptempo, yet still very atmospheric and beautiful and almost otherwordly at times. “Far Away” paints a slowly evolving soundscape in a classic progressive fashion and gives you chills down your spine. The short breakbeat parts in this tune are also a positive surprise, since you don’t hear them in too many tracks these days, although it’s a happy coincidence that in this compilation we hear it twice.

EmLab - River Lab (Original Mix)

“River Lab” puts us back in the deeper realm with a slight twist. The track has a very dark vibe to it and the flute patterns make it sound eerily strange but wonderful at the same time, fueling the imagination with images of undiscovered places deep in the forests.

Furkan Senol - Loving Memories (Original Mix)

Furkan Senol leaves us with some loving memories with the last track in this compilation. “Loving Memories” is a beautiful progressive trancer with an emotional melody and some driving saw chords. It uses the tried and true method of introducing a piano in the break and then building it up into something massive with the saws. Reintroducing the piano later in the track then gives some much anticipated closure before wrapping the track up.

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