Magic Progressive presents new tune 'Leaving Day' from Beatsole. On this time, we have an energetic mix with a great atmosphere. Deep sounds, pleasant melody, massive pads, breakdown rich orchestral strings and piano part. The culmination of this track brings truly profound peace and tranquility, a feeling of euphoria will cover you and you will see the way to the magical world. This track is perfect for any dancefloor. This is Magic Progressive!

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Available on other stores: 13.10.2014

Radio & DJ support by Cosmic Gate, Pedro Del Mar, Yuri Kane, Steve Anderson, Davasse Vincent, Joe Cormack, Andres Sanchez, Suzy Solar, Trance In France, Steve Morley, CASW, Aimoon, Karybde & Scylla, Anna Lee, Silvio / T.F.F., Corbett, DJ Madwave, Heavensgate, Feel, Dave Deen, M.I.K.E., Katy Rutkovski, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Andre Visior and more...

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