Artist:Various - Mixed By Phil Langham
Genre:vocal,uplifting trance
Quality:320 kbps/44/.1kHz/Stereo

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01 DRIFTMOON & GEERT HUININK ft KIM like a knife
02 DENIS SENDER tides of tme
03 TOM DILLENTHAL unexplored thoughts
04 {2009 CLASSIC} BLACK PEARL java
05 ABIDE the journey before you
06 RAMBACY ft DANNY CLAIRE new life[cold rush]
07 DITO sky[ozone]
08 STEVEN FORCE neptune grass[afternova]
09 EDDIE LUNG my desire
10 ANATOLI FROLON start again[michael retouch]
11 PHILLER MUSIC a long journey
12 ARMEEN I.M.B good sense[farzam]
13 ALLEN & ENVY ft JESS MORGAN the heart that never sleeps