Release Date: 17.11.2014 (Beatport Exclusive), 01.12.2014 (Worldwide)
Label: Quadrocore Recordings
Format: Digital (MP3, Wav)

Jaroslav Light - Essence (Original Mix)

Jaroslav Light - Bliss (Original Mix)

If you missed the really proper and high-quality progressive trance, then the next release from Quadrocore Recordings is what you need!
Please welcome, Jaroslav Light with his new EP called Essence/Bliss!
Jaroslav definitely knows the excellent recipe, how to make the really «like-a-monstertune» trance tracks and he prove it to us with his second release at

Quadrocore Recordings.
The first one is a fantastic modern EDM progressive trance banger called Essence. The second track is more easier and positive than Essence, but Bliss can

easily improve your mood and awaken the most positive emotions in your mind.
Both tracks are a perfect example for nowadays epic progressive trance.
Also these tracks can be the rivals with current major artists among progressive trance.
This release will be interesting for a top DJs, trance listeners and ofcourse for all EDM lovers around the world!
…without a doubt!
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