Artist:Various - Mixed By Phil Langham
Genre:Vocal,uplifting trance
Quality:320 kbps/44/.1kHz/Stereo

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01 SETRISE whisper of love[dj madwave] (phoenix recordings)
02 LUIGI LUSINI ft MOLLY BANKCROFT all i want[ultimate mix] (infrosonic pure)
03 {2012 CLASSIC} RONNY K ft JAKUB HUBNER im missing you (motiv8)
04 RAM ft STINE GROVE ramore (grotesque)
05 BLUSKAY & KEYPLAYER falling stars (beyond the stars)
06 ALY & FILA ft SUE McLAREN running (F.S.O.E)
07 ULA sage mode (platform music)
08 TRANZLIFT city of the gods[peter smith] (beyond the stars)
09 ABIDE the last sadness[nuaro] (synchronised melodies]
10 TOM DILLENTHAL & DIM LINE unexplored thoughts[alami] (TBF)
11 FRANK DATTILLO leonida (pulsar)
12 M.J ACKSON earths song[tranced rework] (CDR)
13 DENIS KENZO ft JILLIANA DANISE will be forever[u.d.m] (how trance works)