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Silvio Carrano continues his artistic run in parallel with his production one, uniting together under his own label Total Freedom, historical collaborations from all over the world, all with the same common denominator; the need to make music with the maximum of freedom. As Carrano himself explains “music should unite, sometimes though it also sadly divides people who might have been able to get a really productive team together”. Here then, after the amazing success that the cover version of People Hold On has attained (produced alongside the very well known French DJ Louis Botella), Carrano is back again with a project that forges together ideas and energy this time around alongside one of his colleagues who also boasts years and years of experience, Outwork. ‘Serial Killer’ is a muscular track, an EDM beat that breaks through some trance influenced synths, the child that was born through an exchange of emails: “I have always played and admired the stuff by Outwork, I have also noticed that for some time he has been playing my releases also. I just asked him if he would like to hear a few demos that I had done in case there was something there that he wanted to develop together. When he first heard ‘Serial Killer’ he immediately accepted the idea so, in just three days, working on-line, we came up with the final product” Carrano states with a big smile on his face, “simplicity and hard work always pay off, this outlook on things has enabled me to collaborate with such artists as Outwork who has various international hits and live shows in the four corners of the globe”.