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Thread: Omerta Records is back!!!! Now taking Trance demo submissions!

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    Omerta Records is back!!!! Now taking Trance demo submissions!

    Good day fellow AH fans/members/djs Hope all is well!

    First, let me take a moment to fill you all in about Omerta Records over the last 4 yrs.

    3 1/2 years ago, i was sick where i had a growth in my neck, and it affected me mentally and psychically. When i found this out, i left ALL music and closed the doors to Omerta Records. I've yet to discuss things with previous Omerta Records artists, and hopefully you guys can or will contact me.

    It's 2015, and alot has changed for the better, we've reopened Omerta Records and hoping to push quality Trance releases again!

    For those of you interested in sending demos to Omerta, please feel free to visit our website

    Also come like us on Facebook!

    We have some free downloads posted on Facebook, so def hit that up.

    For all you wishing to contact me, please email me info at omertarecords . ca

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    Thumbs up

    Good to read all this, JzL !
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