Artist:Various - Mixed By Phil Langham
Genre:uplifting/vocal/classic trance
Quality:320 kbps/44/.1kHz/Stereo

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01 LINDA THOMPSON se fainne an lae [intro rework]
02 DREAMY pres DAWN ft MAGDALEN SILVESTRA as it was meant to be
03 PAUL SURETY ft RITA RAGA beneath the mask [tolga uzulmez]
04 GARETH EMERY ft CHRISTINA NOVELLI concrete angel [craig donnelly]
05 DASH BERLIN ft JAREN man on the run
06 SUNLOUNGER ft ZARA TAYLOR found [pedro del mar]
07 AFTERNOVA into the sky [unorchestral edit]
08 SUNLOUNGER ft ANTONIA LUCAS beautiful night [kim svard]
09 SOUNDLIFT freedom
10 SERGEY NOVONE & SIMON O SHINE in spite of everything
11 C-SYSTEMS ft HANNA FINSEN ultra violet [robbie seed]
12 ANDY BLUEMAN florescence [epic mix]
13 SOUNDLIFT horizonte [andy blueman]
14 ANDY BLUEMAN everlasting
15 NEW WORLD ushio
16 GARETH EMERY ft CHRISTINA NOVELLI dynamite [matt chowski]
17 RAM ft SUSANA ramelia [orchestral rework]
18 MIDOR & 648 ft ROCIO alone [alex sanchez]
19 DRAGOR sky
20 ANDY BLUEMAN neverland
21 INFITE ft JAKUB HUBNER lacrimosa [ronny k]
22 RODDYLER life signs [brian kearney]
23 VAST VISION pres MUNGO summer blush [aly & fila]
25 BOREALNIGHT beyond the silent skies