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Thread: volunteering technical skills

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    volunteering technical skills

    Hi All

    First I have to say that I absolutely love I've never been active on the forums but I listen to the radio often, and the quality on offer is amazing! And for free!! I really appreciate it.

    To introduce myself, I'm 26 years old living just outside London, and a huge trance fan... I go to all the trance events I can in London and sometimes travel elsewhere in the UK and abroad, was at Open Up 100 @ Ministry of Sound London on Friday for an unforgettable night.

    I was reading on the site that is maintained completely by great volunteers, and I was wondering if as well as donating money, that there would be any use for me donating a bit of time to help out with the technical aspects of running the site... It's something I would be happy to do.

    I'm a fairly experienced web developer and UNIX administrator, started learning when I was in my teens, have worked professionally in tech and finance companies in London after uni, and occasionally do a bit of work on open source projects too. Also have a server at a datacentre in London with a 400GB monthly bandwidth quota, of which 2 gets used, so maybe I could provide a streaming relay if that's useful...

    Anyway, I love what you guys do and thought I'd offer If you have all these areas covered and it's not much use then that's cool.

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    hey mate thanks for your nice message... would like to speak to you more

    i have sent you a PM...
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    Great offer Dan will be the one to answer this one.

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