Label: Beyond The Stars Recordings
Code: BTSR027E
Release Date: 02.02.2015

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Giuseppe Ottaviani, DJ Feel, Manuel Le Saux, Davey Asprey, Pablo Artigas, Xenoflash Official, Tjerk Coers and many more !

This time Beyond The Stars brings to you a two-track EP packed with uplifting and orchestral tracks. This EP does not feel like single tracks, but more like a journey. Ikerya Project is an alias of Erik Iker, which is known especially for uplifting trance. It is him who brings an uplifting side to the track, and Balearia complementing his production with some orchestral touches. Its a definitely a unique way of debuting on our label.

Both the tracks are clear reflections of the artist's superb production skills. Each track complements one another in terms of intensity and appeal. With symphonic breakdowns and truly uplifting drops, these tracks will surely leave you amazed.

With 'To Numidia', we take a memory lane to the Ancient Libyan - Berber Kingdom. With wonderful beats, euphoric melody and a war inspiring touch in the breakdown, this will take you back centuries behind. Second track 'Artemida' brings out a fast paced uplifting track with heavenly and fitting vocals of Laila in the background, be prepared to enter a journey and get uplifted with this magical EP.


01. To Numidia (Original Mix)
02. Artemida (Original Mix)

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01. To Numidia (Original Mix)

02. Artemida (feat. Laila) (Original Mix)

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