Hello everybody!

I am Melih Kor and I want to present you one of my favorite track of mine. It is called "Leaves" and released by "Fuzzy Recordings" in the compilation "Sun Drenched Memories Vol. 1" in 25.08.2014.

Track: https://soundcloud.com/melih-kor/mel...s-original-mix

Here is a description about the track from Fuzzy Recordings:

“Leaves” is a track with big emotions. This tune takes you on a journey that is full of longing and bittersweetness, with a glimmer of hope remaining. The melody of it touches the heart and will most likely leave nobody cold. The piano along with the sounds of rain in the break gives it a true feeling of sadness with the plucky lead building it up into embracing the feeling before eventually fading into acceptance.

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Hope you like my track and my productions!


Melih Kor