Artist: Tritonal
Album: Tritonia Chapter 002
Label: Enhanced Recordings

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Ever since their explosion onto the scene, Tritonal have consistently and emphatically excelled in all areas. Whether it be their encapsulating originals, impeccable remixes or energy-filled live shows, the Texan duo have always made an impression - continuing in that very same awe-striking vein, Chad and Dave present the long-awaited and much anticipated sequel to their hugely successful debut Tritonia compilation. Tritonia - Chapter 002 has finally arrived, and fans of the weekly Tritonia Radio Show are once again in for a treat.

The Tritonia concept showcases & combines everything Tritonal stand for, from their peak-time festival pleasers to championing new-and-upcoming producers, Tritonia is a journey from start to finish, and packed with 20 exclusive forthcoming releases from their Enhanced imprint.

With the previous Chapter storming iTunes Dance charts globally and becoming sacred amongst the ferociously loyal Tritonian's - Tritonia 002 brings the duo's rapturous hits such as 'Anchor', 'Satellite' and 'Electric Glow'; the latter two reimagined by hot-shots Arston and Kill The Buzz respectively, whilst also boasting the likes of Estiva, Juventa, Speed Limits and Noah Neiman, who supply brand-new exclusive tracks, produced solely for the compilation, alongside exciting prospects Codeko, Cuebrick, Ryos feat. Slisa Rose, AeroSoul, Mike Shiver, Thomas Hayes, Disco Fries and others.

After months of orbiting, the moment is here - prepare to land on Tritonia.

1. Tritonal feat. Skyler Stonestreet - Electric Glow (Arston Remix)
2. Noah Neiman feat. Mike Schmid - Follow (Original Mix)
3. Codeko - Trace (Original Mix)
4. Ryos feat. Allisa Rose - Eclipse (Original Mix)
5. Juventa - Winterborn (Original Mix)
6. Tritonal - Anchor (Club Mix)
7. AeroSoul feat. Christina Ferraro - 6AM (Original Mix)
8. Cuebrick - Demon (Original Mix)
9. Jus Jack & Speed Limits - All Falls Down (Tritonal Edit)
10. Disco Fries - Louder (Original Mix)
11. Years - Diamond (Instrumental Mix)
12. Speed Limits & DVN feat. Adam Duncan - Take My Breath Away (Original Mix)
13. Estiva & Skouners feat. Delaney Jane - Playing With Fire (Original Mix)
14. Jenaux feat. Pia Toscano - Renegades (Original Mix)
15. Mike Shiver & Oen Bearen - Ataraxia (Original Mix)
16. JAKKO, Steerner vs. Klaus & Turino feat. Paul Aiden - Lighthouse (Original Mix)
17. Tritonal feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Satellite (Kill The Buzz Remix)
18. Enzo Darren feat. Delaney Jane - Adonis (Original Mix)
19. Uforik - Scorpion (Original Mix)
20. Thomas Hayes - Alluvion (Original Mix)
21. Cuebrick - Save Me (Original Mix)
22. Noah Neiman feat. Anna Yvette - Eyes To The Sky (Original Mix)


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