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Thread: Sensation White 2007

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    Sensation White 2007

    I've heard that Sensation is comin' to MTR. I need some feed-back. If any of yah might know something about it, please help me out. As far as i know, it hasn't left Europe. So if it ever came to America, i would really want to go.

    Thanks a bunch

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    it is.. september 1st bud.. check this out;

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    Hey there!

    Sensation MOntreal has nothing to do with Sensation White in s the 1st edition and we are getting House and Trance dj's in the same night.

    So starts from 9pm to 11 30 am on September 1st with the following Dj's

    -Malek(local dj from montreal)
    -Pablos Ceballos (Chus &Ceballos)
    -Rogers Sanchez
    -Armin van Buuren
    -Eddi Halliwell

    So not to relate Sensation montreal to the one in Europe!


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    whos organizing this?
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    Wow that's cool. Getting sick of the house though. Saw some vids on the Sensation white tours, and it's mostly house. I think the one I saw was the Prague. Wicked ass intro, then they start with the house, which compeletly killed the mood for me or any interest in going to these anymore.

    I like the old house, the new electro stuff I can't stand! Back in the day house used to be classy, almost like the Jazz of EDM. It had soul! Now it just reminds me of the 80's pop era.
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