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Thread: Online Community research - Survey

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    Online Community research - Survey

    I really hope this topic is in the right section and is not against the rules. If so, please contact me!

    Online Community research - Survey

    Hello all! Let me introduce myself a bit before I rush into other things.

    My name is Sebastiaan and I study Information Sciences at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. For my final Bachelor assignment I'm doing research on online communities. The focus is on opinions on website features used in online (dance and
    game) communities such as this community.

    I would be very pleased if you all could help me out and fill in a small survey I made. It won't take much of your time and I really hope you can give me some honoust opinions on this topic. That would be very helpfull.

    The survey can be found here and is in English:

    Feel free to send me any questions, suggestions or remarks by pm or just reply here.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    O, and it would be nice if you could leave a message in this topic if you completed the survey. Much easier for me to see how many respondants I got

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    ok.... I just completed the survey,hope i did it ok
    the only answers I left blank were ones related to gaming communities/sites as I do not know any of them
    ciao ciao
    all the love you put out,will return to you

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    Thanks for participating, really appreciated!
    Now let's see if the others are willing to do so too ;)

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    I too have completed the survey. Some of the white writing on the grey background was hard to read though. But its all done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamensioN View Post
    I too have completed the survey. Some of the white writing on the grey background was hard to read though. But its all done.

    Yeah, the coloring of the text is somewhat off, but it's not really necassery to know. unfortunately we couldn't change that...

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    Done!! Quite an interesting research
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    one more done

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    Done.. It was boring but owell

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    Haha, thanks for participating guys!
    Let's see if more of you have the guts to take this survey :p

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    Great! Please keep posting ppl, I need this

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