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Thread: Beatsboymusic - Run To Heaven (original mix)

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    Beatsboymusic - Run To Heaven (original mix)

    Beatsboy music & Linda - Run to heaven

    Beatsboy and Linda was posting alot of stuff in facebook, but had very little replys, so i decided to lend them a hand with it as i could see how much they burned for making music.

    First i helped them get a video as visuals helps to promote alot more than a mp3.

    (find website and other places via description)

    Then i found some people to remix the track :

    (and if others who like to do a remix of this track can contact me as i got the rights for this)

    But beyond that i actually helped out Keep Alive from scratch to do music.

    Which has taken me about 1½ years to help him with.

    So when i saw Beatsboy music posting in fb, i thought, why not help 2 in one so the results was Keep Alive remixing Beatsboy music.

    which isnt professional in any way (im aware) but it gets a great feeling to do something for others. and thats payment enough in itself for me.

    ALL these projects are non profit. So be aware if you like to make a remix , that it has no money whatsoever in doing so! But is a good promotion for your works as im making videos for remixes aswell as they come. those shown here is just previews

    hope you enjoy it as much as we all did making it

    God påske ;)
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