1. Aeronaut

2. Whole World

Mondo welcomes yet another aspiring talent to the label in the form of Artsever, who delivers his debut Mondo EP in the form of the ‘Aeronaut EP’.

Kicking off with ‘Aeronaut’, you quickly see why we snapped up this talent onto the label. The track begins with that infectious, deep bass line and throbbing kick, backed up with some quirky and tantalising fills to lift the energy ready for the break. Watch out for those lush chords at the break and the simple but effective top melody. Thanks to all these carefully crafted elements, this is a mighty opener to the EP!

On the flip, we have ‘Whole World’, which follows in a similar vein with that typical Artsever filthy bass and slamming energy from the off. The lush break with its warm bass and plucky keys will really hit the spot, especially when it all kicks in for full effect at the drop. It’s simply divine!

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