Hey All!
One of areas that I have been continually pinged about was the music system. I was in awe at what people are doing with it...i.e. Weatherstock, and started behind the scenes on how we could enhance and fix some of the issues with the system.
This system has such a net positive effect on the game, and more importantly on community it was long overdue for some developer love. I admit one of my favorite things to do is to hang out on the barrels in front of the Prancing Pony and play Bon Ur Aur Stomp.

So this is the short list of things that are being worked on:

Existing Instruments:

-pitch adjustments
-volume adjustments
-Balance adjustments
-tuning pass --which already sounds awesome.

We have a couple of stretch goals-so no promises!! NO PROMISES.

-New Instrument- String Bass-with sustained notes.
-New Instrument-Serpentine- Play the dragon.
IF/when we do new instruments they will be for the ABC system only and not for Minstrel skills. Sorry, but that is the compromise we need to make.

-Stages in the world. Yes one that can be spawned in on Weathertop for events is considered.

I'm open to some other ideas-not for 15 but for the future.