Label: Beyond The Stars Recordings
Code: BTSR037E
Release Date: 15.06.2015

Support and feedbacks from:
DJ Feel, Manuel Le Saux, Ahmed Romel, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Suzy Solar, Thomas Coastline, Stephane Badey, Chapter XJ, A & Z, Tjerk Coers and many more !

What we have next on Beyond the Stars shows the true meaning of tranquility in simplicity!

The pack is just one single track with a remix, although it still is so simplistically diversified, it will leave you amazed!

Delivering the original is a talent from the UK, debuting on Beyond the Stars, it is Warren K! The original that he brings to us is simplistic. Its simplicity doesn't decrease its intensity but in fact makes the track even more unique and mesmerizing!

Second part of the pack is the remix of this release, delivered by yet another superb uplifting producer, from Morocco! The simplicity of the track is just like that in the original track, yet Mohamed gives the track a twist that elevates its quality as a whole! Mohamed Bahi's remix is his "driving take" on the original track!

We have for you, 'Silver Sands' by Warren K, including Mohamed Bahi's Driving Take Remix!

01. Silver Sands (Original Mix)
02. Silver Sands (Mohamed Bahi's Driving Take Remix)

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01. Silver Sands (Original Mix)

02. Silver Sands (Mohamed Bahi's Driving Take Remix)

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