Soenen, Efficacy of macronutrients on targeting obesity and beyond, University of Maastricht Devkota, D. K. Layman Protein metabolic roles in treatment of obesity. Curr.Opin.Clin.Nutr.Metab.Care,.Hylke Boelens, dietician and formula manager at Power Slim Hylke Boelens's dietician and formula manager at Power Slim. She is responsible for product development, training and concept development. This includes, inter alia, keeping track Adderin of all scientific development on nutrition and health field so that relevant knowledge can be applied.Avocados, fatty deliciousAre you so fond of avocados Many people, especially health freaks. The avocado is deliciously combined with many ingredients. Creamy, fat but healthyOfficially, the avocado not a vegetable but a fruit. This is because it ripens after picking. This notice also when you buy an avocado. If this is hard, the fruit is still not mature and therefore not good. Originally the fruit occurs mainly in Central and South America in countries such as Mexico and Guatemala. But in other countries the fruit is becoming increasingly popular. The reason…. The delicious taste and many health benefits.