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Thread: Emod - Nervous Breakdown [Addictive Sounds]

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    Emod - Nervous Breakdown [Addictive Sounds]

    Artist: Emod
    Label: Addictive Sounds
    Cat no: ASR061
    Release Date:
    January 11th (Beatport Exclusive) / January 25th (Other Stores)

    German wonderkid Domenic Heyer aka Emod who shines first at age of 15 makes his debut on Addictive Sounds with an incredibly melodic piece of progressive music entitled Nervous Breakdown.

    Original Mix provides lush plucky melodies and tight groove combined with powerful bassline which makes it a perfect record all together.

    Recent Addictive Sounds accession Pobsky teamed up with LA based Nikhil Prakash for a more edgy and evil-sounding version while Polish Division One known for his deep dark stuff delivers another gem for a slower kind of sets.

    Exciting release!

    Original Mix:

    Pobsky vs Nikhil Prakash Remix:

    Division One Remix:

    Support list (so far): Addictive Glance, Alex Morelli, Andres Sanchez, Anske, Craig Townsend, Danilo Ercole, Etasonic, FloE, Gagauz, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Gordey Tsukanov, Kevin Schneider, Maximal, Ozzy XPM, Pablo Artigas, Paul Trainer, Platunoff, Pobsky, Remco Leeuwenburgh, Sensetive5, Sound & Fury, Wellenrausch

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