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Thread: Incorrect ID?

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    Incorrect ID?

    In the next five playlist atm I see
    "D Light & Bissen feat Victoria Gross - Melting (Alex MORPH B..."

    Isn't the true ID Bissen feat. Victoria Jane - Melting (rmx etc.) ?

    The artist shown above is the artist for the song Like I Do (which is a freaking masterpiece).

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    looks like id showing in the next 5 playlist is correct as well,been "googleing" some and here what I have found

    New York meets Hamburg - the follow-up smasher
    D-Light and Bissen feat. Victoria Gross - MELTING"
    Coming on Fenology Records - with

    June 11, 2007
    The song "Melting" (a collaboration of MetaTechnik composers Victoria Gross and Georg Bissen), which hit the #1 spot on the UK trance charts a few weeks ago, has now been featured on close to a dozen compilations throughout Europe. The follow-up single called "Fly Away" will be released later this year.

    seems like both id's,the one showing on live playlist and the one you mentioned are correct/true

    ciao ciao
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    It's Victoria Gross, Drizzly may have mislabeled it on vinyl...
    Stealing Aga <3

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