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Thread: Streaming through media player distortion issues

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    Streaming through media player distortion issues

    So I noticed a while back that while AH through media player on my pc that the audio levels got all jacked up. It plays through media player all distorted like someone cranked everything to 11. I have 4 webstations that I stream and AH is the only one that does this. I never used to up till a month ago or 2 ago.

    I also "stream" sets from my pc to my home stereo and none of those do it either. I just assume use media player to stream as my other stations are preset in there as well as all my other music. Any thoughts, ideas or other? I tried DL'ing the frequencies or stations again and reloading them in my player but it doesn't seem to matter.

    This is hands down my favorite and the best station on the entire interwebz so I'd like to fix this.



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    hey, I just tried to use and and it all works great high quality.. are you still having issues?
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