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Thread: Dj Del Mari S Promo Mixes

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    Dj Del Mari S Promo Mixes

    Hello Everybody,

    Im a new member on this forum. Im holland based dj. 23 years old. love everything thats electro, house, progressive, minimal or techno.
    Just got my website up, uploaded some mixes too. Im DESPERATELY looking for some feedback.
    So people pleasssee, let me know what you think;

    my website;

    promoset 01;
    LINK, or LINK

    promoset 02;
    LINK, or LINK

    more comin soon,


    ps; i'll post playlists if anybody's interrested
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    It would probably help if you posted the tracklists along with the mixes in this fourm. Not to many people here like to download without knowing the tracklist. If you post the tracklist, I'll take a listen.

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    here's the tracklist of the first mix. still have to make a tracklist for the second mix. i'll post it soon....

    DJ Del Mari S - promo 01
    date: 23.07.07
    length: 64:17
    size: 58.8mb

    fairmont - Gazebo (sebastien leger remix)
    ida core - let me think about it (funkerman remix)
    dada life - vote yes
    dave spoon - at night
    tonight only - danger (the bomb) (hook'n'sling & kid kenobi mix)
    dada life - we have a plan
    aaren san - osc low nyzz (blende remix)
    Tim le el & wollion - **** me if u can (vocal mix)
    Misjah - What Is (Giorgio Prezioso and Libe Remix)
    mischa moor - space (klaas club mix)
    starkillers - discoteka (erick e remix)
    Tom Vek - nothing but green lights (digitalism remix)

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