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Thread: Football Thread

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    Trance is alive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
    If footballers weren't all already rich enough I'd reckon there might have been a betting scam relating to this game!

    Fair play to Wigan and all but Chelsea didn't turn up that day.

    Every team has off-days I suppose but when most of them are on 100k a week...

    old news but what the hell

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    1. Where are you from? Ireland

    2. What team do you support? Chelsea

    3. How long have you supported them? sincee i was 3/4

    4. How are they doing so far this season? Better since AVB left

    5. How do you think they'll be doing by the end of the season? I think we can nick 4th but if we were to win the fa cup alone I would be hapy after the dissaster AVB put us in.

    6. Who do you think will win the league? God Knows....I said City first, then changed me mind to Uited and now I have no idea!

    7. Will England qualify for Euro 2008? Im gonna change this to how i think theyll do in euro 2012, It will be close to get out of the group with rooney out v france and sweden but they might just scrap it and get battered by spain in the Quaters.

    8. Is McLaren useless or a genius in disguise? Gonna change this to Hodsgen since we all know what happened to McLaren. I think Hodsgen is a smart choice. Dont judge him on Euro 2012 but on the qualies for the world cup and how 2014 goes as well.

    9. Would you pick Heskey over Crouch? Crouch, best goals to games ratio of any englad striker apparently

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