Early Support from Giuseppe Ottaviani, John Askew, Manuel Le Saux, North Pole, Oliver Cattley, Amitacek, Andrea Mazza, Arrakeen, Axure Art Uro, Crystal Clouds, Danny Oh, Dave Nadz, El Jay, Flekor, Greg Livingstone , Gutto Putti, Mark Lockstone, Paul Pearson , Dan Delaforce, Ric Scott.

Encompassing a wide frequency range, newbie Marco McNeil smashes his tranceform debut. A classic sounding trance melody that will have you reciting in your head for hours to come. If you are a fan of uplifting then this one is for you.

Tranceform welcomes Amitacek back on the remix duties this time. A bassy, darker take on the original incorporating his signature sound. If you like techy, tougher and harder edge trance then this is the mix for you.