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Thread: Jay is >>>>>> TAKEN

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    Jay is >>>>>> TAKEN

    Hey guys,

    This set will be my 3rd on AfterHours. Hoping it would grab some attention hehe

    Some Dark, Progressive Tech House music !!



    PS. if any1 is interested in some track listing. Please let me know; id be more than happy to share
    Free Your Mind [120 ~ 130]

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    Jay please post tracklist,there will be more chances peoples will listen to your set if they know what they are going to listen
    thank you!
    all the love you put out,will return to you

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    heres the tracklist

    01 :: Lust - Tone Depth
    02 :: Confused [David K Mix] - Simon Baker
    03 :: Goritown - Presslaboys
    04 :: Down Stairs Mix Up - Antix
    05 :: U Belong ft. Gia - Bobby Deep
    06 :: Your Name is Your Blessing - Moshic
    07 :: Trapped [Chris Micali's No Really I Can Make The Kick Louder Mix] - Kasey Taylor
    08 :: Sunburst [Dub Mix] - Marc Romboy
    09 :: Pandora - Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy

    Free Your Mind [120 ~ 130]

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    hey guys . .

    umm .. i was wondering if any1 could tell me if something happened here on AH.FM .. like a bug on the server or something.


    1- i cant access my old account jay84 anymore ..


    2- i cant see the other half of the comments on this topic no more ? :s

    any idea any1 ?

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    Hi Jay welcome back
    unfortunately during the weekend has had technical issues due to hd failure
    all is explained here

    sorry for account problems and loss of posts

    Dan and dfx did their best trying to get back up running radio and forums,now is all ok ;)
    all the love you put out,will return to you

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    glad it all went well ! and glad my account is back !!

    big thanks to the team !
    Free Your Mind [120 ~ 130]

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    Hey Jay,

    I've listened to your ''Full speed in the wrong direction'' I like it, only I don't think this is the genre what we are looking for.

    I do respect your original style though,


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    And I respect the fact that you gave it a listen !! Thank you

    Hope it wouldnt matter though if i kept posting some of my sets here; as i recieved a few messages from members who asked me to keep updating them :D
    Free Your Mind [120 ~ 130]

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    It's cool. You may upload your sets here whenever you want.

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