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Thread: Techno Viking Fuckparade 2000 tracks id?

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    Techno Viking Fuckparade 2000 tracks id?

    Just wondering if anyone if anyone knows what the 2 tracks are of this video.

    been looking everywhere for it. though id give in here a bash aswell

    stuff I do know

    that video was recorded at Fuckparade 2000 and it was the first appearance of Techno Viking

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    is fuckparade the real name of it?

    ZOMG is it!

    You Europeans are so liberal! Try that on here in Australia and you'll get deported. lmao.
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    hahaha Tecnho Viking! Commonly known as a "munting ape". Although I wouldn't say that to his face.

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    Reckon he works out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamensioN View Post
    Reckon he works out?
    Haha, yeah, probably chopping logs with a huge axe

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    Hi Timmy

    I founded first track of technoviking FuPa since 2000 ;D


    here u are

    Hey DreamensioN try what ? Don't be so self-confident thank's God for liveing in eu We don't have poison spider's or snakes ;) or other weird shyyt

    c ya l8er

    // haha check this out !

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