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Thread: InaVal - Best In-Trance WEB mix

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    InaVal - Best In-Trance WEB mix

    Hello everyone! Here is the mix that won the 1-st place in the competition of portal! So listen it please and post your comments!

    InaVal - Best In-Trance WEB mix

    01. Gerald Dubois - Midnight Sun (2nd Edit)
    02. Sean Tyas - Drop (Original Mix)
    03. Tom Colontonio-Standard Intuition (Original)
    04. Manuel Le Saux - Forgive (Michael Angelo And Jim Mix)
    05. Michael Delving - One More Time (Angel Ace Remix)
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    Manuel Le Saux - Forever (Michael Angelo And Jim Mix)
    maybe it was FORGIVE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman View Post
    maybe it was FORGIVE
    Yeah! Strange mistake in the file name! Edited! [The trance player/pimp of]

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