Label: Beyond The Stars Recordings
Code: BTSR126
Release Date: 15.08.2016

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Paul van Dyk, Manuel Le Saux, Giuseppe Ottaviani, M.I.K.E., Anna Lee & more!

An uplifting veteran producer Ronny K. is back again on Beyond The Stars Recordings with another outstanding brand new single 'Surfing Skies'. The original mix is a pure representation of Ronny K.s' signature styles, soaring melodies and uplifting chords combine to great effect to provide a powerful, emotional number. The power of the kick thumps this track forward. It commands where you think, and engulfes you into the force of what comes together in this track. Every emotional tune from Ronny K. brings us directly to heaven and 'Surfing Skies' is not an exception.

01. Surfing Skies (Original Mix)

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01. Surfing Skies (Original Mix)

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