Hey, wow, never thought I'd have to be using that forum again.
Unfortunately, I'm coming to you with what seems to be a very rare release. at least I think so, because in the set I found that peal in, the dj named the producer, but not the title.
So I thought: okay, easy stuff to find.
Well, haven't even found the producer yet.... Like... there's a guy on beatport, but he's doing a slightly different kind of music.

I can't really describe, why I like that track.
The vocals and "scream" mix perfectly into the deep beat. It's fearsome and calm, threatening and welcoming at once... Yeah, I really don't know how to describe :D

But if you got any tracks like this: let me know!


All Info given is: "Asas - Unknown"

track's taken from this set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Vu38t0dWUM