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Thread: What's your favourite thing to do before?

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    What's your favourite thing to do before?

    What's your favourite things you like to do before you kick off your weekend?..

    Me personally like to get a nice BBQ'd steak in me, then go for a jog and come home call the lads over have a arse load of drinks before we head out, whether they're fun boy drinks, ****tails, doubles, singles.. Head on out to designated party, and show everybody why I'm crowned "Sultan of Dance!"

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    nice topic, me I like to buy some beer or better yet vodka, invite friends over... have a few drinks, then invite some girlfriends and most likely go out unless they wanna stay in

    I like the BBQ idea, but in Canada now its bloody cold for that, unless you do it outside in a SKI SUIT haha

    where you at HADES in canada?
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    weekends? party? drinking? what are you guys talking about? ::

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    I haven't had a weekend to myself in over a year. Once I finish my exams (doing 2nd last exam now! w00t!) - I'll get back into enjoying my time off.

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    i like to have a good couple of meals at the weekends, i dont go out all that much, so sometimes friends come over or i'll go to theirs, usually its a music and movies night saturdays with sundays consisting of a big roast dinner and good conversation, with some music of course. bbq's are great in summer, unfortunately summer in england didnt happen this year, i must have missed the memo where they cancelled it lol
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    On Fridays I finish work, spend 3 hours doing my "other show", by the end of which I've usually forgotten what work is again and am ready for Chinese food The weekend has landed!

    Afterwards I try to make my Friday nights as lazy as possible Much as I like a nice vodka & coke I'm currently into my Galliano
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