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Thread: Deems - Tears Of Hope

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    Deems - Tears Of Hope

    This song is so euphoric and dreamy...and its so energetic

    Aly & Fila Remix - Typical aly + fila sound, but thats saying a good thing, because it turns the track into a harder yet even more powerful song

    Greg Downey Mix - The good part of the song is all concentrated in the main lead/climax, and its just as good

    I used to be a firm backer of the downey mix, but downey's mix excels in one part of the song, while the aly + fila is like a journey, and its sounds nice throughout...if you hear the whole song, aly & filas probably has the better effect

    This is a monster ...I voted it #1 in the a state of trance year poll

    excellent year for euphoric tracks, this, suru, velvet sun (also remixed by aly and fila), exhale, resound, platitude

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    both mixes are great! massive release.
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    have only heard the aly & fila remic but it is a proper tune. hearing it live makes it even more amazing.
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    i agree, very nice release Aly & Fila did a good job on this one
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    Excellent release

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