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Thread: Ratio question (torrent section)

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    Ratio question (torrent section)

    Hey i'm just trying to make sure i'm on good terms with everyone who moderates the torrent end of the site.

    I've downloaded a few things (142.29mb in total so far), while keeping the torrent active for sharring purposes. Although when I check my ratio in my profile I find that i'm still at 0 for both dl/up. I'm using BitComet to manage my torrents, not sure if that makes a difference. I just want to know if this can become an issue if it continues to show 0. I'm trying to be active in the community and don't want anyone to see differently and get banned.

    Thanks for any support you can offer.

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    hello Annich, our Torrents admin will see where there might be an issue, and dont worry about getting banned

    to afterhours by the way, tell all your friends about us.
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    ha I won't now. Thanks.

    This site will rival di soon, so much better already!

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    take a look at what we got planned for december 24th through 31st!
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    holy good god wow, thats all i have to say

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