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Thread: Chillout Ambient Christmas compilation!

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    Lightbulb Chillout Ambient Christmas compilation!

    TRL001 - Chillout Ambient (Dedicated To) Christmas
    Release date: December 2007

    How was the first time you enjoyed relaxing music? Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with this chillout ambient compilation will bring you deep electronic sounds that move your heart and inspire your mind. The Remix Label delivers Chillout Ambient dedicated to Christmas!

    01.Christmas (Cristian Paduraru Classic Ambient Chillout)
    02.Express Yourself (DJ Hashish Ambient Mix)
    03.Sharing Cooperation (John Dare & Oscar Gonzalez Ambient Mix)
    04.Deep In Dub Theme (Paduraru Ambient Chillout Mix)
    05.Emotion Comes From Motion (Bitfiend Ambient Mix)
    06.Sharing Transparently (Synthetic Arts Chillout Mix)
    07.Emotion Comes From Motion (Iceferno Electro Chillout Mix)
    08.Inner Guidance (Michael Paul Banks Club Crusher Chillout Mix)
    09.Inner Guidance (Peter Sajche Chillout Mix)
    10.Letters From The Edge (Pedro Bucarelli Chillout Mix)
    11.Layer Of Awareness (Mazin Darghous Ambient Mix)
    12.Made In Wishland (M&D Substance Chillout Mix)
    13.The Touch You Trust (Anominiss Chillout Mix)
    14.The Touch You Trust (Mars T Chillout Mix)
    15.Express Yourself (Paduraru Acappella Bonus Version)
    16.Private Detective (Paduraru Electro Chillout Mix)
    17.If You Want (Ekala Chillout Mix)
    18.Sharing Transparently (Mars T Ambient Mix)
    19.Shall We Dance (Amit Shoham Chillout Mix)
    20.Equipping Education (Loopz Da Fruit Chillout Mix)

    Now relax and listen audio samples from the upfront pre-release promo here:

    Coming soon, the classic megamix version provided by Jacksin thru Worldwide Exclusive Records. Even if it's modern sound it can easily remind of Mozart, Grieg, Vivaldi, Bach, Berlioz and other Baroque classics! Original tracks written & produced by Cristian Paduraru.

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    Hey Cristian have not heard from you for a while hope all is good with you
    merry Xmas
    all the love you put out,will return to you

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