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Thread: Chicago Make Some Noise!!!

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    Chicago Make Some Noise!!!

    This city has the potential to be loud. We're still not there yet, compared to Miami, NY, and L.A. The only reason is that people in the film, music, fashion, and other industries are hesitant to come to Chicago and set up shows, do projects, and productions. One thing is for sure, the music scene in the Chi is bangin'. We're the birth place of house music, where legendary DJs such as DJ Rush originate from.

    Now I feel that it is up to us DJs in Chicago to make some noise nationwide and perhaps globally. It's up to us to grasp the attention of these big names in the other industries. I'm definitely working on it - I have been a mobile DJ for a long time and have gotten connected into the fashion industry heavily. Now I'm planning on throwing my own show @ the planetarium in the Summer of 2008. This show will receive nationwide attention - I plan on fusing nightlife music with fashion's hottest trends.

    What do y'all think? Is the combination of music and other industries going to create a buzz in this city?? let me know what you think, take care.



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    to afterhours friend... welcome to the family haha

    tell everyone you know about us
    hope you enjoy AH

    btw check this out when you have time:

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    I'm in Chicago Hi

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    chicago is definitely huge music city I travel there regularly to see shows

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