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Thread: Patric Cold - Forgiven

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    Patric Cold - Forgiven

    Hi there AH'ers!
    Dunno if I'm allowed to do this, if not the please tell me

    The most successful track released on Nellie Recordings is out now!
    Patric Cold's Forgiven is now available at all major download stores... Beatport, Trackitdown etc... (Original + Elitist Remix)

    Forgiven was chosen as The Anthem for Middle-East In The Mix 002 @ AH.FM

    Today we also released my latest, Moogylicious.

    Please visit or for previews or for purchasing your own copy!

    Transparance & Nellie Recordings Crew

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    Wow, I didnt even know Middle East in the mix had an anthem

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    I like Elitist mix most! But i dont like the bassline, its weird.. :\
    Stealing Aga <3

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    I like this music

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