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Thread: Ableton Live Users!

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    Question Ableton Live Users!

    Okay, I am getting pretty ticked about Reason. I have messed around with it for a while but I find the interface and everything else sort of, hard. I heard that Ableton is easier to use and it is best for beginners like myself.

    So, for all of you who use Ableton, what do you like about it, what you don't and also what version do you have. Also, what are your "offerings" with using Ableton. (As in, what have you created on it so far.)

    Remember, I live in the US so there may be other versions over in Europe that I can't get here.



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    I like Ableton because its interface is easy and stragithfoward, and you can do stuff without any hassle...and it has some great built in tools, and excellent plugins

    I havent created anything worthwhile in ableton though, given up on producing really, Im just a listener now

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