I have created an Afterhours.fm Discord server. Discord is a chat program/web app originally created to replace Skype, Teamspeak, Ventrilo, and other VOIP programs. It has become a very popular communication tool in the online community, used by many people around the world. Discord features low latency voice chat with little to no delay as well as text chat and private messaging, calling, and screen sharing capabilities. There is also a full featured desktop and mobile app for iOS and Android. Their website can be found at https://discordapp.com/, where you can sign up and create an account. The best thing about Discord is that it is completely free for everyone to use.

My discord tag is Pnash#2307 and you can join the Afterhours.fm Discord server by navigating to https://discord.gg/NJh3xsT or by clicking the button in my signature.