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Having already proven their worth countless times before, Moonsouls and Marjan bring their tried and tested alliance to Rielism with a killer tune. With 'Come Home' they have crafted a truly euphoric trance journey with lush, emotive melodies, silky smooth vocals and warm atmospheres.

Cold Rush steps up to the plate on remix duties with a fantastic interpretation which is bursting with energy. Utilising Marjan's blissful vocals to create a truly dreamy atmosphere in the typical Cold Rush style, their remix focuses on a melody that is to die for. Their unique style demonstrates why, along with Moonsouls, these guys are amongst the hottest acts in Tranceland at the moment!
Label: Rielism [Black Hole Recordings]
Catalog number: Rielism 085
Release date: 16th April (Original Mixes - out everywhere; Extended Mixes - Beatport exclusive) / 30th April (Extended Mixes - full release)

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