Label: TAR#138
Code: TAR138035
Release Date: 26.11.2018

We proudly presents a true original track 'For Your Love' from the skillful producers we know as Fredd Moz and Jo.E.

Thumping and thundering intro where a dominant bass won't give away the second chapter which we will find in the break. Here Fredd Moz reveals what's beneath the pounding shell and its breath-taking. The break is the core, the piano, both magnificent and elegant, is expressing feelings with sounds. He puts the world on hold, before slowly bringing us back into reality with a long build-up of unquestionable flawlessness, where it finally drops into the outstanding main melody where we would like to remain forever.

The B Side Mix has a more driving intro with higher energy levels than the original mix. The intensity is well infused within the original sounds, but with a bit more epic take on the break. The significant, beautiful break remains, and orchestral segments are added to strengthen our senses. Build and main is without a doubt a dynamic feature of the track, taking a side-track from the original, but the core remains intact. Outstanding work !

01. For Your Love (Original Mix)
02. For Your Love (B Side Mix)

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