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Thread: Deadmau5: Hot or not?

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    Deadmau5: Hot or not?

    Since so many people hate him (and as many people like him), I started this poll...

    Is he any good, or does he suck?

    As for me, I used to like him, but now I think he sucks. He offered something new to the usual asot styles, but it got old quickly...

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    can't really vote, cause i like his productions but not his sets....should've had more options in that poll :tongue:
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    Deadmau5 rocks.. i dunno what it is with those guys saying he destroys trance, his tracks were never meant to be played by Armin. If someone does destroy trance , it would rather be Armin himself

    As for the big amount of Deadmau5 productions, there's much more tracks than only those in his one special style ;)
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    his productions are good and on point.... i can say i like his work but the 1/8 timed synth sound is getting old now. many people are copying his style and hopefully he will change it soon! ||

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    I'm yet to find any tune he's made to be anything better than below average, and I think his "remix" of Hybrid - Unfinished Symphony is appalling
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    Sometimes rocks and sometimes sucks

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    Deadmau5 is rocks!!

    His sound and music compression! is very good.

    I love his productions


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    AH.FM Addict DistantLand's Avatar
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    he sucks, none of his tracks create any emotion... same boring notes looping.. reminds me of a alarm clock..
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    luke warm - didn't poll

    I like some of his productions, 'Finished Symphony' was good imho and I liked the 'Arguru' gesture, paying tribute to the late Juan Antonio ArgŁelles Rius (Arguru), programmer for ImageLine (FL and Deckadance as well as some good VSTs)
    But his chosen pads and presets and people like Glen Morrison or the Duderstadt Brothers (aka Inpetto, aka Fragma) picking up on them make those quite ubiquitous and all sounds a bit samey.

    the current mixmag cover CD is a mix of him (or shall I say a 60+ min loop?) and is really boring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DistantLand View Post
    he sucks, none of his tracks create any emotion... same boring notes looping.. reminds me of a alarm clock..
    :ROFL: What an ego boosting opinion....

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    Cool Deadmau5 VS. Youtube

    I found some videos of his. I am not sure what to think here. I need to listen to more of his music before I can make a judgment.


    The gear:

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    Deadmau5 Vs. Xone3d


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    I know only 1 mix from him- Unfionished symphony , and i Think that it's great
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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Laan View Post
    Sometimes rocks and sometimes sucks
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    Quote Originally Posted by DistantLand View Post
    he sucks, none of his tracks create any emotion... same boring notes looping.. reminds me of a alarm clock..

    heh I don't think
    I love trance and ambient this music have emotion! but deadmau5 it is electronic producent
    electronic music don't have emotion imo, it is to dance and listening...

    but look at his idea of track... cool sounds and massive!
    He's professional and his tracks are on high level!

    but you want have to another option ;)


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